Spot or Flood Light

What is the Difference Between Flood Lights and Spot Lights?

One of the most commonly misunderstood lighting concepts we see here at Light Bulb District is the differences and uses between flood lighting and spot lighting.

Professional landscapers and lighting experts often employ both types of lights, but the two lighting types work significantly different. Depending on your specific needs and intended use and/or purpose of the light, size, wattage, color, lifespan and price are all considerations when making your selection.

The most distinguishable factor between flood lights and spot lights is the width of the beam they produce. Flood lights project at 120° and should cast near a 4 foot beam, whereas spot lights project at 45° and should cast near a 2 foot beam. Simply said, flood lights produce a larger area of light and spot lights are a more specified projection of light.

Because the width and length of the beam from a flood light gives broad, even light projecting over a widespread area, flood lights are often used and recommended for illuminating sizeable spaces such as warehouses, work spaces, stages and parking lots. On the other hand, spot lights, produce a more controllable, concentrated beam and are effective in illuminating specific points and details, such highlighting wall décor, architectural detail, or providing accents on various objects. Although spot light beams are not as sizeable as flood lights, they still project intense light over long distances.

Although there are various types of different bulbs used for flood and spot lighting, the recommended light bulb to use is a compact fluorescent. Compact Fluorescent Lighting is the most energy efficient and long lasting. And remember, if you intend to purchase a flood or spot light for outdoor use, be sure to purchase a compact fluorescent bulb that is specifically intended for outdoor use – these are designed to withstand wetness, whereas regular compact fluorescent bulbs do not offer this feature.

For further questions and information concerning flood and spot lighting, call one of our lighting experts here at Light Bulb District.